Chad Stuemke on Project Archivist Radio Show Chad recently appeared on the Project Archivist radio show. .

Michigan Relics “All matter must be in a constant state of flux to insure progress, for .

The Nuab-Cow-Zo-Win Disks Cosmic Symbolism Of The Mystical Mitten   A rather recent discovery in Northern Michigan has .

Cosmic Reflections - Ancient Sacred Sites & Modern Mystical Cities St. Louis: City of the Sun .

Chad Stuemke recently did a radio interview with Wendy Garrett, for her show Conscious Living .

Chad Stumke's Radio Interviews Cosmic Gnostic Radio : Stargate Symbolism This episode we have Chad Stuemke on .

Videos about Stargates and sacred sites in cities including Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis.  Visit Chad .

Chad's original photos and artwork, including images of sacred sites.   Stargate Detroit   Stargate Chicago   Stargate St. Louis   Cahokia Mounds

Stargate 3-1-3 T-Shirts Don't just see the Stargate - be the Stargate! Debuted at the .

Chad Stuemke's New Book: Stargate Detroit Detroit has always been a city of transformation and its .

Book: The Culmination . . . A Catalyst for Change Climactic scenarios are taking place world .

Mystic Michigan - Michigan's Stargates, Temples and Sacred Mounds of Transformation Unknown to most Michigan is .